Welcome to Therapydia, the private psychotherapy practice I founded in Fulham,

located close to Putney Bridge. I am also a founding member of a psychotherapy practice  in Chiswick Park ( www.therapyteam.uk)

As an experienced and fully qualified practitioner, I provide Psychotherapy and Counselling for adults and adolescents, working and living in South West London. My aim as a therapist is to help you work though painful or confusing experiences in a safe, confidential and therapeutic environment.  I believe that we each have a capacity within ourselves to grow, to overcome fears and find our true selves.

I am passionate about emotional wellness. I believe in building self compassion, encouraging self confidence, and realising our human essence. ​Therapy can help you to process emotional difficulties, relieve anxiety, manage depression, resolve stress and conflict or work though traumatic events.

believe in balance; life sometimes looks like a zero or a ten on the emotional scale, let me help you find five.